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Financial Planning

You come first…and only. A fiduciary relationship with an unbiased approach. This is our best offering and most valued relationship. Our approach to this service is this:

  • Gather Information and Determine Primary Objectives
  • Present Multiple Pathways for Accomplishment
  • Monitor Progress on an Ongoing Basis and Repeat

Our approach is holistic, constantly monitoring and analyzing your current situation to achieve the best case scenarios you’ve set out. Our efforts go beyond just goal-setting; our greatest strength is our ability to strategize intricate financial details and simplify complex decisions. Our Financial Planning service is our best offering, and this subscription encompasses planning expertise in investments, insurance, retirement, tax, business, and estate planning. Our subscriptions start at $250 per month and varies based on complexity. There is no charge for our first meeting to see if we're a good fit moving forward.

Included in this service are the following: 

  • Ongoing Proactive Client Meetings and Communication
  • Annual Benefits Enrollment Consultation
  • We will join you during meetings with other Advisors, including Attorneys, Accountants, Bankers, Lenders, Insurance Agents, etc.
  • Access to our software and data aggregation system
  • Recommendations on retirement assets, bank and cash management, and any other assets not under our management
  • Student Loan and Debt Service Management
  • Fiduciary Advice

Investment Management

Our ideas in investing take three categories into consideration: Tactical (Movement in the Market), Strategic (Buy and Hold), and Diversified & Alternative Investments (Not correlated with the market). With all three categories, at various levels, depending on risk analysis, your investment portfolio has the greatest allocation and is purposefully allocated, not just broadly allocated. Our fee for this service starts at 1% of assets managed.

Insurance Planning and Review

With decades of experience in the insurance industry, and rigorous training that’s unmatched in most firms, our ability to guide our clients’ insurance portfolio is a great asset. Whether it’s obtaining insurance for the first time or trying to understand the insurance policies you already have, we are able to help. Our pricing in this area varies; we might assess a small fee for the review and maintenance of current insurance policies. For purchased policies, there is generally no fee, as a commission is paid from the insurance company.

Estate Planning and Review

There are a lot of situations where someone seeks counsel of an attorney, gets a 3-inch stack of legal documents, and 5, 10, 15 years later has no idea of what it all means. While we do not offer legal advice, we can read these documents, consult with expert attorneys, and explain in plain English the original intention of the 3-inch stack of papers. An estate plan is supposed to be a living, breathing document that bends and molds with you as you grow. Generally, we see someone enact an estate plan and forget about it. For this service, pricing is entirely based on complexity, although our initial consultation is complementary. 

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