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Best Man

June 17, 2019

I’m the best man at my brother’s wedding; I’m excited for him, and I’m honored be the best man. But I am to give a speech. Public speaking isn’t an issue; it’s just that this is an important day. The action of putting the words together that encompass such an important event stalls the flow of communication, so the day and the meaningfulness has me a bit speechless.

I think a lot of people have that feeling when they’re drafting a will; it’s a lot like giving a speech at a wedding. Both a speech and a will are a memory of the moment that will last for a long time, even after you’ve passed away. A will (and a trust) is love letter to your family, saying, "I care about you, and I’ve taken care of my responsibilities, so you don’t have to." In short, any legal document is a person making their own decisions, outside the “decisions” (AKA Probate Court) of the person’s home state. From my personal experience and from the perspective of many of my clients, a family member is remembered more fondly when their estate plan is complete. So here’s to you, Estate Plan. Raise your glass, make your own decisions, and make a life that’s meaningful to the people you care about.