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We are excited to announce the M Advisor Podcast!

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I'm happy to announce the M advisor podcast. The M advisor podcast is intended to provide financial education on the emotional side of money for busy professionals such as physicians, dentists, executives, and business owners. The intention of the M advisor podcast is to instill clarity on what to do inside your financial plan, and just as important, the M Advisor Podcast seeks to help you understand why.

Each person has unique goals, important relationships, and different desired outcomes, so it doesn't make sense for everyone to have the same financial plan. The uniqueness of each person and each situation should be reflected in the uniqueness of their financial plan. The M advisor podcast celebrates that uniqueness and serves as a guide to enhance your own unique life goals and accomplishments.

If you are a busy professional seeking practical information to guide life's big decisions that speaks to both your rational and emotional well-being, the M advisor podcast is for you.